How I built my small house for garden from Nicoltex

May 16, 2018
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I own a piece of land somewhere in Iasi and I really like to go there. It’s near the forest, the air is fresh, it’s quiet and peaceful. Usually, when I go there, I put a blanket in my car, something to eat, a book, water, a ball/badminton rackets, or some tools if I want to work. It’s pretty annoying to carry all this stuff every time I want to go there.

But I found a solution. Last week I saw a small metal house on The price was good and the house looked great on their images. On the website it says it’s easy to assemble the house and you don’t need special tools; a screwdriver it’s enough. All good. I placed the order and I waited to be shipped.

On Saturday I received the order. Actually, I received three or four boxes with all the pieces. I was very excited about the quality of the materials.

Every bag with screws or piece of metal had a number on it. Also I received a manual with instructions. The entire process was presented step by step, with sketches and explanations (what screw from which bag you need to use, how to assemble pieces etc). All the metal pieces are pre-drilled but unfortunately some holes were not 100% aligned so there was a bit tricky to align the pieces in order to tighten the screws.

On their website it says that two men can finish the house in 5-6 hours. My husband and my father-in-law started to work around 2-3 pm and finish it at 8 pm. So, they have approximated well.

The house it’s pretty strong and has a nice design. It’s big enough for our needs and it’s better then a wooden house. It has double wide, sliding doors and it can be secured with a lock. The house doesn’t have floor, it can be assembled on any plane surface and it can be easily anchored to the ground.

The advantage with this house is that the assembling process is fast, you can move it whenever you want, it doesn’t rust, is not attacked by caries, doesn’t change its shape and you don’t need to repaint it for 12 years. It’s really easily to maintain, right?

One small problem I had: on their website they says that I should have received a pair of gloves for protection, but I didn’t received them. Anyway, this wasn’t a real problem as I always have 3-4 pairs of gloves with me.

The conclusion is that I really like the products that Nicoltex offers and I will surely be buying more of their stuff for my garden.

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