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May 14, 2018
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Last week I saw a post on Facebook from Romanian Art&Craft which caught my attention. So, I read a little bit about them. These guys are pretty awesome, their mission is to promote the Romanian universe in a creative way – all things about history, legends, romanian symbols etc. They use these elements to create cool products like pottery, traditional blouses, traditional textiles, decorated eggs and typical Romanian foods, creative notebooks branded with Transilvania or Vladut’s Story. You can buy these products as a gift for your friends, as a souvenir or for yourself – like I did. I visited their website to see what I can order.

In august I will go to Paris, a pretty long holiday (10 days) so I needed a notebook to write my itinerary, the best location to eat, things I can visit etc. I saw the notebook branded with Vladut’s Story on Art&Craft website and I thought it will be perfect for my holiday.

And then I saw the section “Sweets”. Let me tell you something about me: I’m in love with chocolate, with sweets. I love to try different types of chocolate (sweets in generally,but especially chocolate), different brands or combinations. I chose a chocolate with milk (Vladut’s Story) and I placed the order.

In few days I received a small box. Horaay! I was so excited because I heard a lot of good things about Art&Crafts and I wanted to see if their products are as good as it looks.

The little romanian guy was a gift from them. The notebook feeling was premium (believe me, I have more notebooks than you can think and when I say a notebook is cool it means is really cool). I love the little bat-bookmark, a small creative detail. The pages are blank, without lines and pretty thick, so the notebook will be perfect for my holiday.

The chocolate has exceeded my expectations; it was very smooth and you can feel the milk taste in each bite. This chocolate offers you a wonderful tasting experience.

Overall, I like the products that Art&Crafts offers, I like their ideea to promote Romania with all its simbols. Romania has a lot to offer to the world and we need more people like Art&Craft guys, people who know how to present our values, our symbols, our history.

And yeah, I am proud I am a romanian girl :).

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