About me

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Hi, I’m Diana! Nice to meet you!

I’m a UI/UX Designer from Iasi, Romania. In 2011 I met my love (he became my husband in 2016) and we started travelling. We discovered our country step-by-step and we fell in love with it. In that year we  found the taste of freedom and it never stopped.So far I visited 4 countries (I lived in Italy for a short period of time and I also stayed in Greece a couple of months) and 40+ cities. It’s not so much, but we are young and full of energy, we have many plans for our holidays.

Some of my hobbies are: reading (on this blog you will find many reviews of what I read), writing, martial arts (I have 12 years of practice), paiting (when I have time I love to paint; some of my pictures are bought or given to others as presents), and of course travelling.

For me, travelling means happiness. Me, my husband, two backpacks and our red car. Windows down, loud music and wind in the hair – this is the real life, in these moments you feel that you really live. No stress, no mettings, no deadlines, no nothing.

When I don’t travel, I like to collaborate with differents brands/stores to test their products and share my experience with the world, straight and honest.

My advice for you is simple: Dare to dream, be brave and seek, and don’t forget to put love in everything you do!

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If you want to collaborate with me, here is my email address: dreamseeklove@gmail.com.