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Iasi – Piatra Neamt (March 2018 – 4 fun activities)

May 14, 2018
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I took advantage of the warm weather for another escape from the urban jungle. I traded concrete for dirt, buildings for mountains and forests. I love the freedom that you have in the middle of the nature, the wild places where no emails or wifi can reach.

The destination for this escape was Piatra Neamt. It was a short 4-day trip (8,9,10,11th of March). We traveled from Iasi by car and in 2 hours we reached our desired destination. Now I’m going to organize this article on the pattern of the previous one (Iasi – Gura Humorului)

Where can you stay

For this small trip we chose Balan Pension and I was very happy with this choice. I was impressed by both the staff and the room. Let’s check out the positives and negatives of this pension:

+ huge, double room

+ very tidy

+ well-warmed

+ very kind and friendly staff

+ free parking

+ outside the city, but still within a few minutes drive from Piatra Neamt.

– pretty far from any shop / pharmacy, but I had no problems with that, I used the car to move around

Where can you eat well

For our lunch we chose the Noir restaurant. The menu is diverse and the food is very tasty. Prices are a bit high, but it’s worth it.

What can you do in Piatra Neamt

This time we chose Piatra Neamt because we wanted to slow down the intense pace we’re used to in Iasi; I wanted to rest as much as possible. Still, we did some activities. 


Because it was pretty warm outside, we used the gondola to reach Cozla. The trip took just a few minutes. Once we were up there, we walked around, enjoyed the view and the feeble sun.

Natural Science Museum. 

Even if it’s quite small, we could peacefully study the reptiles and the other exhibits.

Cozla Zoological Park. 

Unfortunately the experience we had at this zoo was not very good. The animals’ cages are way too small, with no running space at all. The animals looked sad, although they were pretty good fed and looked after. The saddest thing was that we witnessed peoples’ stupidity at its best; parents of 5-7 years old children who are supposed to be their role-model in life. The first family had a little boy and the father was throwing biscuits in the bear’s cave to try to get it coming as close as possible. The mother was constantly encouraging the father to keep trying, with a large grin on her face. What kind of education is that boy getting? What kind of expectations should we have from the future generations if we’re not showing them the right path to go forward? Another family: a father with his daughter (about 6-years old). The father was throwing something in the Rhea birds’ tiny cage, to catch their attention, while her daughter was enthusiastic. What the f*ck? Can’t you see the huge sign that says “do not feed and do not disturb the animals”? Why do we have to behave like this, why do we have to harm souls that are already in misery? Who are the animals in this situation? Definitely neither the bear nor the Rhea birds.

Izvorul Muntelui Lake

About 30km from Piatra Neamt you can find the Izvorul Muntelui Dam, a giant that holds tons of water from falling into the valley nearby. 

Overall it was a relaxing trip that recharged my batteries and prepared me for a few more weeks at the office…until the next trip!

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