5 months of working from home

August 12, 2020
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RO: 12 martie. Aceasta este data de cand am inceput sa lucrez de acasa din cauza virusului ce umbla nestingherit prin lume. Deci astazi se implinesc 5 luni. Nu este prima oara cand lucrez o perioada mai mare de acasa, dar cu siguranta este pentru prima oara cand am trecut prin anxietate, nesiguranta, teama. Evident, din cauza virusului. Nu pot sa vorbesc despre working from home, fara sa vorbesc despre cum m-a afectat aparitia virusului. Cumva aceste doua lucruri sunt legate. Dar sa vedem intai cum a fost din punct de vedere al serviciului.

EN: 12th of March. This is the date when I started working remotely because of the virus that roams the world. Today it’s 5 months since then. It is not my first remote experience, but definitely the first time when I went through anxiety, fear, lack of safety. Of course, because of the virus. I can’t talk about working from home without talkig about how COVID-19 affected me. Somehow these two things are connected. But let’s see how it went from a professional perspective.

working from home

Cum a fost sa lucrez de acasa?

  1. Galagia de la birou versus linistea de acasa. Niciodata nu mi-a placut galagia de la birou, mereu foloseam castile cu o melodie data tare sa acopere vocile celor din jurul meu. Acasa intr-un mediu linistit a fost ideal pentru mine.
  2. Aerul conditionat de la birou. Of, vestitul aer conditionat din cauza caruia la “certam” cu colegii, din cauza caruia raceam la fiecare doua saptamani pe timp de vara. Cat de bine este acasa fara AC!
  3. Durerile de spate. Cand eram la birou nu prea luam pauze, sau daca le luam, ramaneam la birou si ma uitam pe un magazin online sau la un video. La final de zi mereu aveam dureri mari de spate. Acum, intr-o pauza de 15 min, imi iau salteluta de yoga si fac un antrenament scurt de pe youtube. Adio dureri de spate!
  4. Productivitate. Cand eram la birou parca nu eram atat de organizata. Mai vorbeam cu un coleg, ma mai uitam pe geam, cineva imi mai trimitea un video. Simteam ca fac multe lucruri dar tot odata nu faceam atat de multe, dar timpul il pierdeam. Acasa productivitatea este maxima. Incep un task, ma focusez in totalitate pe el, il termin si il livrez. Doar pisica ce mai vine si ma “distrage” cand da cu labuta pe monitor dupa mouse :))
  5. Mancare. Aici este si o parte buna si una rea. Partea rea este ca trebuie sa gatesc zilnic. Partea buna este ca ador sa gatesc si acum chiar pot manca ce imi face bine, pot avea un stil de viata sanatos, sa am grija de sanantatea mea muult mai bine decat cand eram la birou si apelam des la junk food.
  6. Relaxare. Este ciudat, dar acasa ma simt mai relaxata. Cred ca si cele doua pisici ma ajuta sa fiu intr-un mood mai bun, sa fiu mai pozitiva, sa mentin nivelul de stres la un nivel mic.
  7. Familia. Si eu si sotul am lucrat de acasa in toata aceasta perioada si inca lucram. Acesta este unul dintre lucrurile de care sunt cel mai fericita. Putem petrece mult timp impreuna si le putem acorda mai multa atentie pisicilor noastre, pentru ca si ele fac parte din familia noastra si niciodata nu aveam suficient timp sa ne jucam cu ele.
  8. Hobbies. Cand fac o pauza de 10, 15 minute, o directionez catre hobby-uri. Un antrenament de pe youtube, exersat la orga, pictat, citit cateva pagini, niciodata nu am avut suficient timp pentru placerile mele. Acum nu mai simt ca le neglijez.
  9. Creativitate. Cand lucram la birou, la finalul programului eram obosita si nu mai faceam mare lucru. Acum de cand lucrez de acasa sunt precum o mingiuta de creativitate. Mereu ma gandesc la noi proiectele pentru blog si nu numai, la noi domenii despre care as putea sa invat, retete noi, subiecte despre care sa scriu, mintea imi merge incontinuu si am un chef nebun sa creez.
  10. Hainele de casa. Haha, stiu ca nu este chiar un punct important, dar mereu imi cumparam haine de casa si nu apucam sa le port. Acum le-am purtat din plin!

Si lista ar putea sa continue pana departe, dar sa ne oprim aici ca s-ar putea sa ramana birourile goale si toata lumea sa vrea sa lucreze de acasa :)).

How was working from home?

  1. Noise at the office vs quite at home. I never liked the buzz and noises around the office, I always used my earphones with some loud music to cover up the voices around me. At home, in a quiet environment, it was ideal for me.
  2. AC at the office. Oh, the well known AC because of which I always had arguments with colleagues, because of which I always had a cold every two weeks during the summer. How good it it to work from home, without AC!
  3. Back pain. When I was at the office, I didn’t really take too many breaks, or if I had, I would’ve sit and watch a video or surf an online store. At the end of the day, I always had back pain. Now, in a 15 min break, I take my yoga mattress and follow a short youtube training. Goodbye sore back!
  4. Productivity. I don’t think I was that organized when I was at the office. I used to talk to a colleague or two, look outside the window, check a youtube video. It felt like I did my tasks, but still waste some time. At home the productivity is top level. When I start working on a task, I fully focus on it, finish and deliver it. The only distraction is the cat, which sometimes plays with the mouse from behind the monitor.
  5. Food. This is a good and a bad aspect. The bad thing is that I have to cook daily. The good thing is that I love cooking and now I can eat what my body needs, I can have a healthy lifestyle and take care of my health much better than when I was at the office and 3 times out of 5 had junk food for lunch.
  6. Relaxation. It’s strange, but I really feel relaxed at home. I think my two cats help me stay in a better mood thoughout the day, to keep the stress level low and to be positive.
  7. Family. Me and my husband worked from home throughout the pandemic, and we still are. This is one of the things that makes me extremely happy. We can spend more time together and we can spend more time with our cats, because they are part of our family as well. Before, when we were at the office, we didn’t really had time to play with them that much.
  8. Hobbies. When I take a short 10-15 min break, I usually focus on my hobbies. A short youtube training, playing at the piano, paining or reading; I never had enough time for my hobbies. Now I feel like I’m not neglecting them anymore.
  9. Creativity. When I was at the office and the work day was over, I felt exhausted and didn’t do much besides going home. Now since working from home I feel very creative. I always think of new projects for my blog (and not only for the blog), think of new areas to learn things about, new recipes, new subjects to write about. My mind keeps coming with creative ideas.
  10. Clothing. Haha, I know it’s not such an important point, but I really had a lot of clothes to wear indoor, and when I was at the office I couldn’t wear them. Now I can take full advantage of them!

And the list could go on, but let’s stop here otherwise the offices might become empty and everyone would like to work from home :)).

Cum m-a afectat pandemia?

RO: Imi place enorm sa lucrez de acasa, simt ca am mai mult timp decat aveam atunci cand mergeam la birou. Imi pare rau ca lucrez de acasa in vreme de pandemie, toata situatia cu virusul m-a afectat. La inceput am fost fericita ca pot lucra de acasa si nu m-am gandit prea mult la virus. Ulterior am inceput sa observ ca nu am suficiente alimente in casa (nu mi-am facut provizii pentru o perioada atat de lunga) si cand a trebuit sa ies din casa, m-a incercat un sentiment de teama. Teama ca trebuia sa intru in magazine alaturi de alti oameni, ca trebuia sa stau la randuri infernale unde oamenii nu pastrau distanta sociala. Apoi a intervenit anxietatea. Imi era teama sa nu fi luat virusul. Sa nu il dau la altii (stati linistiti, nu am avut nimic). A urmat paranoia. Dezinfectam totul de n ori si tot simteam ca nu e suficient si numai gandul de a iesi din casa ma agita. Apoi frustrarea aparea zilnic cand vedeam atatia oameni inconstienti care nu respecta nici o regula, nu pastreaza distantarea sociala, nu poarta masti (acest feeling inca nu m-a parasit). Intr-un final, a venit si resemnarea. Mi-am dat seama ca trebuie sa invat sa traiesc cu acest virus pentru ca el nu va disparea asa usor. Trebuie sa imi schimb stilul de viata, sa adopt noi ritualuri cum ar fi dezinfectarea tuturor alimentelor sau purtarea mastii ca si cum ar fi o piesa de vestimentatie. Asa este viata noastra acum. Inca imi este teama de virus, inca am o grija excesiva, dar este parte din viata mea. Pentru cat timp? Inca nu stim..

How did the pandemic affect me?

EN: I really enjoy working from home, I feel like I have more time than when I used to go to the office. I am sorry that I am working from home during the pandemice, the whole virus thing affected me. At first I was happy because I could work remotely and didn’t think about the virus for too long. Later I realized that I don’t have enough food in my house ( I haven’t stocked on supplies for a long period ) and when I had to leave the house, I felt fearful. The fear that I had to go to the supermarket amongst other people, that I had to wait in long lines where people didn’t keep the distance. Then it turned into anxiety. I was afraid to not have contacted the virus. To not pass it to others (relax, I was fine). Next up was paranoia. I used to disinfect everything repeatedly and still felt it was not enough. Only the thought of leaving the house was making me nervous. Then it was the daily frustration when I saw soo many careless people who didn’t respect any rules, who didn’t keep their distance and wear masks (I still have this feeling). Finally it was time for resignation. I realized I had to live with this virus because it won’t go away that easy. I need to change my lifestyle, to adapt to new rituals such as disinfecting groceries, wearing a mask as it is part of daily clothing. This is our life now. I am still afraid of the virus, I still have an excessive care, but it is part of my life. For how long? We don’t know yet.

working from home

RO: Tot ce va pot spune este sa aveti grija de voi, de familiile voastre si sa purtati masca. Sa va spalati des pe maini. Sa pastrati distantarea sociala. Aceste lucruri atat de simple va pot salva viata.

EN: All I can say is to take care of yourselves, your loved ones and wear a mask. Wash your hands as often as possible. Keep the social distance. These simple things could save your life.

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