No junk food! My relationship with food

July 20, 2020
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My story

RO: Nutritia este un subiect care ma intereseaza foarte tare. Pana pe la 23 de ani am mancat dezordonat, mult junk food si cu toate ca faceam foarte mult sport, nu ma simteam in forma, eram mereu obosita. Atunci antrenorul (faceam arte martiale in acea perioada) mi-a explicat cat de importanta este alimentatia si cum ne afecteaza ea si chiar daca nu simtim efectele mancarii nesanatoase in acel moment, le vom simti peste ani. Asa ca din acel moment mi-am schimbat total viziunea asupra alimentatiei.

EN: Nutrition is a very important topic for me. Until 23 my diet was messy, a lot of junk food and despite doing a lot of excercise, I wasn’t in good shape, I was always tired. Then my coach (in that period I practiced martial arts) explained to me how important the nutrition is and how it affects us; even if we don’t see the damage right now, we will feel it over the years. So, from that moment I changed my vision upon nutrition.

RO: Nu a fost usor, imi lipseau foarte multe cunostinte, imi lipsea ambitia si consideram ca junk food -ul este mai gustos. Dar incet incet, in timp lucrurile s-au schimbat. Am inceput sa ma uit pe etichete, sa caut pe internet fiecare ingredient sa vad ce semnifica. Am inceput sa gatesc (acum ador sa fiu in bucatarie) si daca la inceput stiam sa fac doar supa la plic acum pot sa fac orice preparat. Am inceput sa caut alternative sanatoase pentru snack-urile pe care le consumam atunci cand ma uitam la film sau cand eram la birou, alternative pentru dulciuri, deoarece am realizat cat de nocive sunt (eram genul care manca si 2 ciocolate mari pe zi).

EN: It wasn’t easy, I didn’t have the knowledge, I didn’t have enough ambition and I was still considering that junk food is tastier. But step by step, the things have changed. I started to read labels, to search the internet every ingredient to see what means. I started cooking (now I love being in the kitchen) and, if at the beginning I knew to cook just instant soup, now I can cook any meal. I started searching for healthy alternatives to the snacks I was having when watching movies or when working at the desk, alternatives for sweets because I realised how bad they are (I was the type of girl who ate 2 big chocolates per day).

RO: Pe scurt, am acordat atentie maxima alimentelor pe care le consumam, am dorit mereu sa stiu ce contin ele, de unde provin, cum sunt facute. Si tot din acea perioada am inceput sa nu mai mananc carne aproape deloc, sau in cantitati foarte foarte mici. Nu a fost o decizie pe care mi-am impus-o, a venit natural, treptat corpul meu pur si simplu a inceput sa repinga carnea. Nu spun ca este bine sau rau, nu doresc sa influentez pe nimeni sa adopte o astfel de alimentatie, va spun doar cum functionez eu. Mananc peste, branza, oua, lapte, dar nu mananc decat extraordinar de rar carne de pui (1-2 ori pe luna, cam cate 50 gr). Celelalte tipuri de carne nu le consum deloc.

EN: In a nutshell, I payed a lot of atention to products I ate, always wanting to know what they contain, where and how they are made. Starting from that period I also stopped eating meat almost entirely, or in very small quantities. It wasn’t a forced decision; it came natural – my body started to gradually reject meat. I don’t want to comment wether this is good or bad, I don’t want to influence anyone to adopt such a nutrition, I’m just saying how it works for me. I eat fish, cheese, eggs, milk and very rarily chicken meat (once or twice a month, about 50g). I don’t eat other types of meat at all.

junk food

RO: Toate aceste schimbari s-au vazut imediat si asupra corpului meu. Am inceput sa ma simt plina de energie, nu am mai avut probleme cu tranzitul intestinal si surprinzator, analizele pe care mi le faceam anual la sange au inceput sa iasa mereu perfecte. Daca pana la acea varsta intotdeauna aveam lipsa de calciu, de magneziu etc, dupa schimbarea alimentatiei nu am mai avut niciodata lipsa de nimic.

EN: All these changes had an immediate impact upon my body. I started to feel energized, didn’t have any intestinal problems and – surprisingly – my yearly blood tests started to look perfect. Until changing my died I usually had missing nutrients from my body, such as calcium, but since then I had no such problems anymore.

RO: Si aceasta schimbare de alimentatie ma ajuta nu doar pe mine, dar si pe cei din jur. De exemplu am realizat cat de important este sa consum fructe si legume de la producatorii locali care au recolte mici. Ei acorda o atente sporita plantelor si tocmai faptul ca au productie mica demonstreaza ca nu stropesc legumele sau fructele cu nici o substanta care sa imi dauneze. Mereu cumpar de la ei cele necesare in casa. Eu mananc sanatos, producatorii locali reusesc sa ramana pe piata.

EN: This diet change not only helps me, but also helps people around me. For example, I realised how important it is to eat fruit and vegetables from local producers who don’t produce very large quantities. The treat the plants with care, and the fact that they don’t produce industrial qunatities proves that they don’t use any chemicals that may harm. I always buy what I need from them. I eat healthy and help them remain on the market.

no junk food

RO: Deci in prezent am cam 4 ani de cand sunt super atenta cu produsele pe care le consum. In continuare fac sport, cam 1h – 1,5h pe zi si pentru ca alimentatia este corecta si mai bogata in proteine in aceasta perioada, schimbarile asupra corpului se vad repede. In 3 saptamani de exercitii, am pierdut 1 cm din talie, acest lucru nu ar fi fost posibil fara sa am o alimentatie corespunzatoare.

EN: Now there’s roughly 4 years since I am extra careful with what I eat. I keep doing excercises, between 60 and 90 minutes a day, and due to the better and richer in protein nutrition, changes upon my body are easy to notice. In 3 weeks of exercise I lost 1cm in waist; this thing wouldn’t be possible without a proper diet.

RO: Dar nutritia nu este un subiect despre care poti sa spui ca ai studiat 4 ani si gata, le stii pe toate. Este un proces continuu de invatare. Caut mereu alternative sanatoase pentru snack-uri, pentru dulciuri, pentru acele momente cand sunt pe fuga si nu am timp sa mananc sau ma uit la un film si vreau sa rontai ceva. Este greu sa treci de la junk food la mancare sanatoasa, dar vei vedea ca te vei simti infinit mai bine.

EN: But nutrition is not a subject that you can study for 4 years and become an expert. It’s a continuous learning process. I always look for healthy alternatives to snacks, sweets, for those moments when I’m on the run and I don’t have time to eat, or when watching a movie. It’s difficult to switch from junk food to healthy food, but you’ll feel much much better.

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